Reduce Training Costs

Reduce Training Times

Improve Learning Outcomes


AIVA is a platform for intelligent training delivery, automated assessment, advanced analytics, and training insights. AIVA guides students and instructors on their personalised learning journey with a revolutionary interface and data-driven AI tools and assistants.

AIVA captures data associated with learning outcomes from within simulations and even live training exercises and links it directly to the learning outcomes being assessed. This data includes but is not limited to simulation state, video feeds, biometrics and telemetrics.

AIVA is then able to automatically assess trainees in real time, identifying when learning outcomes have been completed and failed. AIVA allows instructors to select exactly which data is used to inform the state of individual learning outcomes as well as define the learning outcomes themselves based on the curriculum. This is done through specialized intuitive learning graphs that instructors are able to build and manipulate themselves.

Where traditional assessment would prove impractical or time intensive due to logistics or availability, AIVA is able to analyse and provide real time automated assessment based on the learning outcomes and structure set out by instructors. AIVA is able to do this across entire cohorts of trainees engaged in multi-user training simultaneously.

Where human operators are preferred for assessment, AIVA provides intelligent training aids, AI interfaces and training insights allowing the instructors to assess entire cohorts of students with greater accuracy than typically capable from even 1 to 1 instructor/trainee assessment. Additionally, AIVA allows commanders, instructors and educators to review all learning data including video feed for after action review providing a database of stored individual learning outcomes that can be referenced in future for safety, insurance purposes and giving greater assurance regarding trainee capability in a world that is moving to more flexible training programs.

AIVA includes the unique ability to collect learning data from live, virtual and constructive training environments where traditional data streams are unavailable. Its purpose-built AI does this by pulling learning data directly from sources such as live video feed and can matching it directly to its purpose built learning graphs. In this way AIVA is able to assess both simulation and physical/constructive training against the same metrics ensuring that each pathway is providing optimal learning outcomes. Using this data AIVA can identify repetitive and or error prone tasks that can benefit from partial/complete automation or make recommendations to improve course material. Additionally, AIVA improves downtime productivity by linking trainees directly to coursework and training material relevant to assessment criteria.

Additionally, AIVA’s interface is more useful for humans that traditional training logs and enhances the ability for machines to inspect learning data at scale. This greatly improves machine learning results and speed allowing humans to train AI operators to autonomously complete the same tasks (AI replacement), or to do complementary tasks (AI assistance).


Reduce Training Times

AI driven analytics, insights and assessment greatly improve training efficiency. Remote and automated assessment allow students to train at any time and receive valuable feedback.

Reduce Training Costs

Reduced retraining, remote assessment, instructor aids and intelligent learning event detection greatly reduce training costs.

Reduce Instructor/Trainee Ratio

AIVA empowers trainers by providing intelligent training aids, AI interfaces and real time training insights. AIVA can automate assessment of specific learning tasks freeing the trainers to focus on high level training principles across entire cohorts instead of having to focus on individual micro-assessments.

Improve Learning Outcomes

AIVA helps students understand and engage with their learning pathway. AIVA links students directly to specific course material based on each student’s individual learning journey.

Improve Course Curriculum

Create and store individual virtual credentials. Identify where students regularly experience learning blocks and where coursework or training has proven inefficient/ineffective at guiding student to meet specific learning outcomes.

Improve Human Machine Interoperability

Create learning graphs both easily digestible by human and machine operators. Allow human training data to accurately inform machine learning algorithms greatly improving human and machine interoperability of non-repetitive and complex tasks.


Graph-Based Personalized Learning

Our patented approach to curriculum structure encourages personalised learning, makes training data analysis easy for instructors and trainees, and improves AI recommendations.

Data Visualisation and Analytics

We provide a range of tools for collecting, visualising, and analysing data from training environments. We can also use existing data solutions or develop custom visualisation and analysis plugins for your environment.


In order to understand how individuals are engaging with their learning and training, we provide a range of biometric solutions. Biometrics from heart rate to neural encoding are built in to AIVA, and we support integration of a range of other metrics and third-party solutions.

Machine Learning

Our analytics are constantly improving thanks to our patented machine learning technologies. Every trainee improves our ability to measure, predict and inform subsequent trainees and instructors, and allows us to analyse the performance of groups of trainees.

Real-time Data Output

AIVA allows instructors and trainees to receive feedback in real time on any platform – from PC to mobile. Our real-time data framework allows instructors to monitor trainees remotely or while they are in VR or other closed training environments.

Instructor Aids

AIVA provides a range of tools to allow instructors to manage more trainees, even during simultaneous training. With AIVA, instructors can better target their teaching to the needs of trainees.

xAPI & LMS Integration

AIVA supports standards for learning interchange developed by the ADL, from xAPI to the newly developed TLS. We also support LMS integrations, including industry leaders like Moodle and Coursera, with a flexible API to accommodate other third party LMS

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

AIVA acts as a personal training assistant for trainees and instructors, able to direct instructors to useful analytics and visualisation, and to help trainees select course material appropriate for their goals and their level of expertise.

Client & Partners

AIVA was originally built for NASA to assist with astronaut training and assessment and is now used across a wide range of industries. Our clients and partners include National defence forces and defence primes, mining and construction companies, universities and public school systems, hospital networks and even charities. Our intelligent and adaptable framework allows AIVA to seamlessly integrate with our partners curriculum and training process as well as legacy and 3rd party learning management systems. AIVA provides specialized tools that improve efficiency and accuracy of training at all levels of education. Our custom-built interfaces enable clients to maximise ease of operation for both their educators and students regardless of training breadth or complexity.


In addition to AIVA’s suite of AI driven assessment software, AIVA offers a multi award winning in-house simulation development service. Our team have built simulations and simulation tech for the likes of NASA and BAE with our work being hailed as some of the ‘best in the world’ by both Boeing and Microsoft. Our team are experienced in all mediums of digital simulation with an especially deep background in both virtual reality and mixed reality simulation services. We have developed multi-award-winning training simulations and hardware integrations with learning platforms. We have deep experience in the use of AI and VR in training, developing out whole schools of training thought and ground-breaking training tools.